How to Control A Bike in Traffic Rider

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Traffic Rider is a thrilling racing game that gives a great gaming experience. Traffic Rider mod apk provides different control options to drive the bike openly. But the question is which method is best for the rider to drive a superbike smoothly.

It has become so popular in the category of racing games due to its premium features, bike customization, realistic 3D graphics, collections of superbikes, skipping a mission etc

This game has been downloaded By over 500 million people, and it has also received 9 million positive reviews from users on The Google Play Store.

This game has a different range of control methods to drive a bike. Let’s cover each control method in detail.

Types Of Control Methods

There are 4 different control methods are given in a game. Each user plays the game using different control methods according to their preference. These different control methods will help you drive a bike freely. 


Like other games, tilt is also used in the Traffic Rider. Applying this method, You just have to tilt your device from both sides. If you tilt your device to the right, the driver in the game will go to the right. If you tilt your device to the left, the driver will move to the left. 

In this method, the acceleration of the bikes will be increased automatically. BY pressing the brake icon on the screen, you can apply the brakes. You can almost win every game by using the tilt control method.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk Tilt Control


In this control method, you will control your bike on the road with the on-screen buttons. In this method, you cannot pass near vehicles at high speed while crossing; only the skillful driver can do this. That’s why it seems to be a difficult method.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk Buttons Control


The handlebar is an impressive and unique feature of the Traffic Rider. Move the bike from the left to the right side, and you will use the handlebar.  You can also accelerate your bike with a manual or an auto gearing method. 

Traffic Rider Mod Apk Handler Bar Control


In this mode, by connecting the gamepad to your device, you can play the game. Through the gamepad, gaming control becomes very easy. Your gaming experience will become more enjoyable.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk GamePad Control

Some Common Features in Every Game Control Method 


Steering is an important option in the Game control of the Traffic Rider. In the Steering option, you can select your favorite control of a game. Steering includes the following control options:

  • Gamepad 
  • Tilt 
  • Buttons 
  • Handlebar 


The throttle can be Auto or Manual according to user intent 


  In the Gear setting option, you can adjust the gearing process with auto and manual settings. I

Detach Brakes

The detach Brake option is available in the game Control. You can select this option in every control method of a game.


You can adjust the sensitivity in the Game Control. In the Traffic Rider sensitivity is about the speed of your steering. if the sensitivity is high then the bike will move faster. If the sensitivity is low the bike will turn slower when you tilt your device while playing a game. You can change this in the game setting according to your preference.


  • Feel real you are riding a bike
  • Responsive Handling
  • Variety of control Option


  • Time-consuming
  • Device compatibility
  • It difficult to control the bike in some games Control method


Yes, We can customize the control setting in the Traffic Rider 

I can control my bike in the Traffic Rider by these methods: Tilt, Gamepad, Buttons, and Handlers

Yes, The Traffic Rider is the best choice for the newbies. Beginner can play it easly.

Yes, everyone can enjoy the fun of the game freely.


This article is all about the control of a bike in the game. Learn the controls, do your best in the free ride mode, and clear every mission in the game. You will be able to drive smoothly. Just keep practicing.

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