Traffic Rider MOD APK FOR IOS, Unlimited  Money

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Traffic Rider Mod APK For IOS, Unlimited  Cash

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Android 4 or above

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Traffic Rider is a nice game for IOS users. It is another masterpiece from the founder of Traffic Racer. With Impressive graphics and different collections of game modes, it has become the best choice for motorcycle racing lovers. 

In this game, a rider competes with others and drives a bike on a busy road. In racing, it is very important to avoid from crashes. As much as a rider can save a bike from an accident, it will be easy for the rider to win the race.

In a competition, driving skills have become very important for achieving success. This game has an option to change the language of a game.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk for ios Game Start

Features Of Traffic Rider MOD APK For IOS

In the game, the driver rides a superbike on an endless road. Feel the excitement of riding a motorcycle on the road. 

First-Person View in Game

This game offers a first-person view. It has made the gameplay more realistic and immersive. It makes the players feel that they are part of the game. It also increases the entertainment value of the game.

Traffic Rider MOD APK Desert View

Graphics And Sound

The graphics and the sounds of the game are very impressive. The game offers 3D graphics which attracts the racing lover. The game features a day and night environment. This has the best Graphics compared to other similar racing games.

One of the best features of the game is its sound design. Each bike has a unique engine and a different sound. The sounds have been recorded from real motorcycles. 

Traffic Rider MOD HD Graphics

Unlimited Gold

With unlimited gold, You can buy a bike from the game and upgrade the bike. You can also improve the power capacity of the bike and improve the control of the bike. With unlimited gold, you can also access the other features of the game.

Traffic Rider MOD APK Unlimited Gold

Daily Bonus

You will get a daily bonus in the form of money In The Traffic Rider MOD APK when you play the game daily. It means that every single day you play a  game, a bonus will be given to you to claim it and enjoy it. This feature encourages you to play regularly and rewards you with money for your dedication to the game. 

Traffic Rider Mod Apk Daily Bonus

Save and Load Game Option

The save and load game is the best feature of the game. Players can save their current progress in the game. A player can begin their game where they left off. Players can load the game from the last save point. This feature also improves the gaming knowledge of the players. It helps the player to make decisions in difficult situations.

Traffic Rider MOD APK Save and Load Setting

Offline  Mode

This game could be played in offline mode. Racing lovers can play the game without internet access. This feature is the best choice for players who don’t have access to the internet. Racing lovers play this game anywhere or anytime in remote areas. That’s why it is considered one of the finest features of a game.

Single-Player Game

In this single-player game, a rider drives a motorcycle through traffic and covers the distance without crashing. This game focuses on the single-player performance rather than multiplayer competition.

Game Modes 

 Various game modes engage the player in this video game. An array of game modes are Career Mode, Endless Mode, Time Trial, and Free Ride. In these Modes, the time trial is the most difficult mode for a player. Free Ride  Mode is considered one of the easiest modes. This mode allows players to ride on a road without traffic.

Riding a bike in two-way mode is a challenging task for any bike racer.  This Mode tests your driving skills. You have to prevent your bike from crashing. It is a tough but exciting challenge.

In this situation, you have to make smart choices and pay close attention. 

Career Mode has multiple missions. In Each Mission, a driver goes through stages. When you complete the mission, you will be rewarded with cash. You can use this cash to better the performance of a bike. Upgrade its speed and make it even better. 

Traffic Rider Mod Apk Career Mode

How to Download And Install  Traffic Rider IPA  On  IOS

To download an IPA file on an IOS device, you need a computer and an IOS devices

You should need to follow these steps.

  • Download and install the AlT server from its official website. 
  • ON  your PC Open the ALT server. 
  •  connect your IOS device to the Computer after that.
  • Install the Alt Store on your Mac device. 
  • Now Download the IPA file you want to install. You can locate the IPA file from the official developer channel.
  • Open the ALT store from your iOS device.
  • Click on the + icon and click on the downloaded IPA file. Now select the Traffic Rider IPA file.
  • AltStore will install the IPA file on your MAC device.  
  •  entered the Apple  ID and password  in the  AltStor
  • The app is installed on your IOS Device. 

Always download the files from a trusted site to avoid security risks.

How To Install Traffic Rider With SideLoady On IOS

  • Download and install the SideLoady on your Mac or Windows Computer.
  • connect your iOS device to your computer after that.
  • Enter the Traffile Rider file in the SideLoady. 
  • After entering your Apple ID, select Start.
  •  Now go to Settings > General > Device Management (or Profiles & Device Management).
  • Locate the game’s developer and press the Trust to allow the Installation Setup. 
  • SideLoady will install the game.

How To Install Traffic Rider Without Computer

  • Download and install one app from these like Scarlet, Trollstore, or Esign on your iOS device.
  • Download the Traffic Rider IPA file and open it through one of them (Scarlet, Trollstore, or Esign).
  •  Before installing Traffic Rider, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID with a password and verify it. Once verified, you can install the app.


  A racing game that you can play on IOS devices.

Yes, Traffic Rider MOD APK is available for the IOS user. Enjoy the Game on iPad, iPhone, and other IOS devices. 

Yes, the IOS version is safe for the IOS Devices. 

This game is not a multiplayer game. It is a single-player game.


In conclusion, the Traffic  Rider MOD APK for iOS was created for gaming lovers. In this game, all bikes and missions are unlocked. The game control is very simple and easy to use. The Graphics of the game are also very impressive. The Traffic Game has earned popularity among the racing games.

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