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Traffic Rider MOD APK is a modified version of the Racing Game with new features not available in the Official application. This game offered a unique experience for the racing gamers of the Word. The racing community loves this Game.

Sometimes it is common for people to see that the latest version of an app does not work properly. The main reason behind it is that the new version of apps may not work on your device because the system did not support the update.

 Many people are using an old version of this game in this case. If you want to get the Traffic Rider old versions app then This article will help you. All versions are free to download, and Totally virus-free.

Some major features Of All MOD Versions 

These are the following features that are common in the old versions and the latest version.

First Person Camera View:

The first-person camera view provides the best angles for an app user. This game can be played from different angles, the first-person camera view is the popular choice for this game. This feature has made it more easier, helping the players avoid collisions on the road. Bike control become very easy through First Person Camera View.

3D Graphics :

The 3D Graphics of the Traffic Rider old version gives a detailed picture to the game player. The graphics are very attractive. Graphics are the main asset in any game. The 3d graphic has added depth to the game. It has also engaged the whole world

Multiple Language Support :

This game supports multiple languages. 20 + languages have been added to the game. This feature has increased the accessibility of the game. Multi-language support has also enhanced the user-friendly experience.

Unlimited keys:

This is the most demanding feature of the game. The unlimited keys are used to unlock everything in the games. These are used to unlock the missions unlock the motorbikes. These keys are also used to access all features. These unlimited keys are not available in the latest version of the game.

The Online Leaderboard with 36+ Achievements:

In the racing game  there are a total of 36 Achievements in a game. These achievements are earned by finishing the different tasks. In the Traffic Rider game, players are rewarded with XP( Experience Point). These XPs encourage the player to earn more Achievements. 

The leaderboard Feature of the game shows the Score of a player.The scores of players are compared from all across the world with the scores of other players. Try to Win every game of Game Modes Earn more points, and rank on the leaderboards. It’s a fun way to see who’s the best at the game.

 Group of Game Modes In Traffic Rider Old Versions:

There are 4 different game modes in the game Carer Mode, Endless Mode, Free Ride, and Time Trail. 

90+ missions are Added in the Career Mode.

 Free ride mode is the best choice for the new user of a game. New user can improve their driving skill there.

 Endless Mode, a driver rides a bike on an endless road. You can drive here in both ways. In this mode, the driver has to drive carefully; a collision with a vehicle restarts the game. This feature is the icing on the cake for the game

Time Mode, Complete a mission in a given time of 90 seconds.

Unlimited Money:

With the help of  Unlimited Money, you can boost your bike. Money can be used to buy the accessories of the heavy bikes. All Bikes will be unlocked with unlimited money.

No Ads:

The mod version will be free of unnecessary advertisements.  Play the game without hesitation. You can also skip a mission by watching advertisements.

Traffic Rider MOD APK All Old Version Download

All Old Versions Of Traffic Rider MOD APKDownload Link 


Yes, it’s safe to use an old version. It has some lack of features and security issues.

Due to it not being available on GPS (Google Play Store), you can get it on our old version page.


The Traffic Rider games have been changed a lot. Nowadays days Some racing players like the old versions, it reminds them of the past.However, the game’s latest version is more enjoyable..

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